Weather: Italy divided between intense cold and Atlantic vortex

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(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 11 – A weekend of dry and cold weather in the North and in part of the Adriatic regions and rainy on the major islands. In a nutshell, these are the forecasts for this weekend. Italy will in fact be caught between the grip of the Russian cold and the Atlantic vortex.

Antonio Sanò, Director and Founder of, confirms that the Atlantic vortex will be stationed in the West during the weekend, hitting the high pressure wall. Only in part, the humid flow will be able to infiltrate south of the high pressure bringing rains to Sardinia and Sicily. The weekend in the North, on the other hand, will be dry and will again see the arrival of cold air from Russia.

In detail: Friday 11th. In the north: cloudy, isolated weak precipitation in the north-west. Center: partly cloudy. In the south: clouds in the morning then cleared.

Saturday 12. In the north: unstable in western Piedmont, serene in the northeast. In the center: veils on the Tyrrhenian side, covered with gradually stronger rains in Sardinia, sun elsewhere. In the south: sometimes very cloudy.

Sunday 13. In the north: unstable over Piedmont and Liguria. In the center: veils on the Tyrrhenian side, rains in Sardinia, sun elsewhere. In the south: showers in Sicily, slightly cloudy elsewhere.

Trend. Beginning of the week with rains in Liguria, then more stable and mild until Thursday 17th. (ANSA).

Source: Ansa

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