Foibe: Cossetto plate found vandalized in Udine

Ukraine: civilian targets hit in Dnipro (ANSA)

(ANSA) – UDINE, MARCH 11 – The commemorative pole dedicated to Norma Cossetto, in Udine, subject to vandalism yesterday, was found and restored. The pole was found this morning in via Attimis, hundreds of meters from its headquarters and was again planted on the ground by the municipal workers, with, in addition to avoid new vandalism, a small pour of concrete.

“I never tire of stigmatizing and condemning serious acts, which offend the memory of a girl who has suffered ferocious violence and was massacred by her tormentors for reasons of sinister ideology. It is useless to pretend to have whitewashed tombs: the gesture of the other night it has a marked political matrix “, said the mayor of Udine, Pietro Fontanini. The mayor will consider how to arrange the area of ​​a video surveillance system.

Yesterday night in Piazzale Norma Cossetto, the pole and the plaque with the name of the Istrian student who had been informed in 1943 had disappeared. The square was named after the young woman on Remembrance Day. The stake had already been uprooted by unknown persons on 9 February. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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