Vandalism on Ravenna buses, 73 students investigated

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(ANSA) – RAVENNA, MARCH 12 – Fire set on a bus, damaged doors, curtains, chairs and armrests torn with pieces thrown out of the windows. But also emergency breaker hammers removed and acoustic control units for stopping reservation sent into tilt by dint of pressing the buttons. There are a total of 73 students in Ravenna distributed over three different institutions – a middle school, a high school and a vocational training center – reported by the local police mostly to the Bologna Public Prosecutor’s Office for vandalism carried out on public transport in the Romagna city during transport. home – school.

According to what was reported by the Resto del Carlino, the investigators, thanks to the on-board cameras, also documented the chants of insults to the Start Romagna drivers for months exasperated by the situation. Of the suspects, 65 are minors: they are accused in various capacities and in concurrence of interruption of public service, resistance, insult and injury to a public official, fire, false personal details and dangerous throwing of things.

The greatest criticalities occurred between September and December 2021, in full pandemic, revealing themselves through dozens of episodes. Often everything started from small groups who, gathering without masks on the rear seats, planned the raids. On one occasion some students in September had induced the driver to let all passengers get off in the railway station area to ask Start Romagna to replace the vehicle of which a door, due to the vandalism suffered, no longer worked. The most disturbing episode dates back to October with flames on the bus of line 80: from the videos we see a young man who, after having sprinkled the central passage with sanitizing gel, sets it on fire with a lighter. The fire was extinguished thanks to the prompt intervention of the driver with the on-board fire extinguisher. (HANDLE).

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