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No vax attack on Fb to president of the Tuscan Council Mazzeo

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Ukraine, police arrest anti-war protesters in St. Petersburg (ANSA)

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, MAR 13 – No vax attack on the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany Antonio Mazzeo on his Facebook page, with hundreds of messages including swastikas, offenses, insults, comparisons with the Nazis, all accompanied by the initials, in red, ‘double v’ in a circle.

The Facebook pages of the Tuscan Assembly and of the regional councilor Valentina Mercanti were also targeted. Mazzeo himself reports on social media.

“Swastikas, offenses, insults, comparisons with the Nazis – explains Mazzeo -. After having expressed solidarity and closeness to President Eugenio Giani for the unworthy phrases that the no vax wrote about a school in Agliana (Pistoia), these subjects (often and willingly cowardly anonymous or hidden behind false profiles) have targeted my Facebook page, that of my colleague Valentina Mercanti “, regional councilor of the Democratic Party,” and that of the Regional Council of Tuscany.

Hundreds and hundreds of raving comments, repeated in series, united by that reference to Hitler and Nazism which is, simply, shameful and unacceptable “. Mazzeo announces that he will report the incident” to the postal police what is happening and I really hope that anyone be hidden behind these gestures is identified and unmasked once and for all “.


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Source: Ansa

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