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Bocconi poisoned in Aretino, Cc antivenom dogs arrive

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(ANSA) – AREZZO, MARCH 22 – Preventive checks and inspections with antivenom dogs by the forest police in several parts of the province of Arezzo after some reports of cases of poisoned morsels. Six dog units from all over Italy employed. The checks involved various areas of the Aretino, from Chiusi della Verna to Monte San Savino, including areas of the Casentinesi Forests National Park, where poisoning of animals, including protected species, has recently been reported.

The canine units have worked with the support of the veterinary of the protected area, in close connection with the stations of the forest police of Arezzo, the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests and the Biodiversity department of Pieve Santo Stefano. The logistic structures of the Biodiversity department of Pratovecchio were used.

The operation was aimed at countering the release of poisoned morsels, an illegal practice that is still widespread, the reasons for which are traditionally linked to the control of so-called ‘harmful’ species, namely predators (fox, badger, birds of prey, but also wolves) in the areas where animals reared for the purpose of being hunted will be released, but also for the defense of wild farms, for the competition in the search for truffles, or even, in urban areas, for quarrels between neighbors. “Various poisons are used, often of agricultural origin, insecticides and rodenticides – explains Luca Santini, president of the Park -. The suffering that the specimens that ingest the bait go through are terrible and death comes only after a very painful agony”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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