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Rdc, earners with hidden accounts for online games

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MARCH 26 – The Fiamme Gialle of the Varese Provincial Command have discovered that among the beneficiaries of the “Citizenship Income” resident in the province, some holders of online gaming accounts who, while declaring a family situation of economic poverty, they loaded large sums of money into web accounts dedicated to poker, table games, sports betting, bingo and bingo.

The financiers of Busto Arsizio, with computer analyzes and databases, discovered nine people who in the application to access the support measure had indicated bank accounts with negligible balances (in some cases even zero) on their current accounts, but reached top up on online gaming accounts several tens of thousands of euros a year, using sources of income allegedly hidden from the tax authorities.

None of them had indicated in the availability of their assets the sums recharged on the gaming accounts and so, in addition to those, they unduly received the income of 700 euros.

The money – explain the yellow flames – passed through the dedicated online account, was not virtual but real and had to be indicated in the ISEE presented to INPS. In fact, the online account is not only a tool through which money is moved, but also a sort of electronic wallet, since bonuses, won amounts and deposits are credited to it. In addition, withdrawals can be made from the game account. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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