Murder in Foggia: 52-year-old joined by a killer while he was in the car

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(ANSA) – FOGGIA, 26 MAR – Roberto Russo, the 52-year-old man killed last night with a few gunshots in via Silvio Pellico in Foggia, was stopped in the car. Russo was hit by at least two bullets to the temples, but some witnesses told investigators that he had heard four shots. To act – according to a first reconstruction of the incident – could have been at least two killers who flanked Russo’s car exploding gunshots. The investigators of the mobile squad are trying to understand how the assassins arrived in via Silvio Pellico: whether aboard a car or riding a scooter. Throughout the night, investigators carried out half a dozen stubs and searches against offenders who are involved in the Foggia crime world.

Russo had a history of drugs. The investigations mainly concern the trafficking of drugs. On board the victim’s car, the policemen found neither weapons nor drugs. Relatives and friends of the victim were also heard. Everyone would have reported that Russo was calm, he hadn’t shown any signs of nervousness or anything else. The name of Roberto Russo – as far as we know – is not included in any Foggia mafia clan although his elder brother, Giovanni, called “Giovanni di Foggia”, is linked to the clan headed by Raffaele Tolonese (of whom he is brother-in-law). ‘last detained since 2013 and considered at the top of the Trisciuoglio-Tolonese clan, one of the three Foggia batteries. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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