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Lost in Friuli, fifth day of research

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Ukraine, peace caravan of tractors in Milan with the flags of Ukraine (ANSA)

(ANSA) – TAIPANA, MARCH 27 – The search for the man who disappeared in Taipana (Udine) on the Zisilin nature trail continued today for the fifth consecutive day. The last team will complete the assigned path – within a couple of hours – to close this day too without results.

47 people from various bodies are involved in the field: next to the Alpine and Speleological Rescue there were the Fire Brigade (who also used their drones), Guardia di Finanza, civil protection dog unit. The latter supplied the helicopter again, which flew over the territory from above for almost two hours, passing over certain areas on which it was decided to carry out more checks. The fact that the missing man, from Udine, wore little garish clothes and had a black backpack is certainly a factor that makes sighting on ground with holes and dense vegetation more complicated. However accurate the research is, even in close exploration hidden corners could escape, precisely due to the difficulty in reading the conformation of the land outside the marked path. The technicians therefore speak of a very complicated and intense job. Today a portion of the territory of one hundred hectares was scoured, in addition to the 125 systematically beaten yesterday.

From tomorrow days the searches will slow down, they will continue in a reduced form, without the so large and systematic deployment of forces of the past days. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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