16 years old leaves Albania hitchhiking and rings the bell of the Cc barracks

Guess who it is?  In Montana a curious owl takes a peek at the camera (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MONTE SAN SAVINO (AREZZO), MARCH 31 – He said, with the help of an interpreter, of having fled from a difficult situation in Albania and through makeshift means to have arrived in Italy in Monte San Savino (Arezzo) where he presented himself to the carabinieri. The boy, only 16, was alone and did not speak a word of Italian. To the military, who refreshed him, with the help of an interpreter, he said he had left Tirana and by hitchhiking, bus and train that he arrived in Monte San Savino. The carabinieri notified the social services of the Municipality and the public prosecutor’s office for minors of Florence to open a file and try to reconstruct the history and reasons that led the minor to leave the country and arrive in Aretino. At the moment, the 16-year-old has been entrusted to the ‘Don Bosco’ community of Arezzo.

According to what the boy told the carabinieri he would have left his country, according to him, because he was tired of his father’s mistreatment. Among the investigations, the carabinieri are trying to understand if someone has routed the young man to come to Italy and in particular directly to Monte San Savino, and for what reason, news of the family is also being sought. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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