Bad weather: winter tail blow, snow from Sardinia to Vesuvius

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Tail shot of winter. The disturbance that comes from northern Europe has brought cold and snow in low altitudes in most of Italy, strong winds and storm surges

. Snow began to fall this morning on some areas of Bergamo, even at low altitudes, starting from 600 meters. Come back snow also on Vesuvius as well as in Sardinia. The peaks of Nuoro and Ogliastra have been whitewashed by a white blanket and it still continues to snow in the city of Nuoro but also in the hilly villages of Barbagia.

Bad weather brought snow too in Liguria, in the Spezzino also on the coast. Also dusted on the mountains around Genoa.

Cold and snow also in Umbria, especially on the highest peaks of the Umbria-Marche Apennines. Castelluccio di Norcia is again whitewashed, as are the other towns in the Sibillini mountains.

The cold wave has also hit the Maremma. Scattered rains throughout the night and plummeting temperatures throughout the province with an exceptional drop on Mount Amiata, where the thermometer at the top went below zero. In the Amiata area, some flakes also fell at the height of the villages, both on the Grosseto and Sienese sides, while up to 50 centimeters of snow fell from the Macinaie area to the summit.

Sea connections interrupted in the Aeolian Islands due to bad weather. Ships and hydrofoils are blocked in ports for the force 5-6 sea. The smaller islands have already had to deal with several canceled scheduled routes for 48 hours.

Forecasts. Early April weekend still cold and fluctuating, with cold, rain, wind and snow in the hills between Tuscany and Lazio. A gradual return of spring is expected from Tuesday. (THE PRWEATHER EVISIONS IN DETAIL)

Coldiretti and the damage report. Storms accompanied by hail fell like a patch of leopard causing incalculable damage in the countryside where the first fruits are collected in the gardens and fruit plants are in full bloom driven by dry winter with 1/3 less rain and boiling than from the point from a climatological point of view, the average temperature in Italy was 0.49 degrees higher. This is what emerges from the monitoring of Coldiretti on the effects of the civil protection alert for the violent wave of bad weather.

Source: Ansa

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