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Weather: still cold, gradual return to spring from Tuesday

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(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 02 – Early April weekend still cold and fluctuating, with cold, rain, wind and snow in the hills between Tuscany and Lazio. A gradual return of spring is expected from Tuesday. These are in summary the forecasts of the experts of the site www.ilmeteo.it. “The objective of bad weather – explains Mattia Gussoni – is the belt between Sardinia, Lazio and Abruzzo with 30-40 cm of snow at hilly altitudes, storm winds and storm surges”, but attention must also be paid to the rest of the country.

“It will be a Saturday 2 April – adds the meteorologist – which will recall the first storms of late summer but with winter connotations, it is forbidden to venture into the sea during this weekend.

There will be other good occasions in April, probably next weekend, that of the Palms, will be quiet and peaceful; from Tuesday 5th Spring will return to all of Italy and on the horizon we can already see the first summer-like heat “. For Gussoni, due to the strong wind in the next few hours” the height of the waves could reach 8 meters on the Sea of Sardinia, 5 meters from the Ligurian Sea to the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea. The wind will blow impetuously from the West, from the Mistral on Sardinia and from ‘Libeccio Freddo’ on the western side of our peninsula: gusts of 90 km / h are expected along the coasts and on the Apennine ridges. In eastern Sardinia, the winds could be even more intense “In detail: Saturday 2. In the north: unstable with scattered showers, more common in the Alps and Prealps, snowy over 600 meters. In the center: bad weather in Sardinia and Tyrrhenian islands with snow strong up to 300-400 meters In the south: bad weather in Campania, Basilicata, Calabria, snow at 700 meters.

Sunday 3. In the north: lots of clouds, sprinkled with snow on the Alpine borders. In the center: some rain scattered on the Adriatic sectors and then in Tuscany. In the south: rain, snow and wind over Campania and northern Calabria.

Monday 4. In the north: good weather but colder in the morning. In the center: rain showers in Sardinia, sun elsewhere. In the south: some residual rain, then it gets better. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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