Tav: leader Askatasuna Rossetto remains in prison

War, in the thousands in Naples:

(ANSA) – TURIN, APRIL 02 – The leader of the Askatasuna social center in Turin, Giorgio Rossetto, remains in prison, arrested last March 10 by the Digos of the Piedmontese capital during a blitz that led to the execution of a series of precautionary measures in confrontations of antagonists accused of resistance to public officials and private violence committed on the occasion of various demonstrations, in the city and in Val di Susa. This was decided by the Review Court.

Instead, Umberto Raviola, also a militant of Askatasuna, is released from prison and ends up under house arrest with the application of the electronic bracelet. For the other suspects, the signature and domiciliary obligations remain. Some of them, including Giorgio Rossetto, also had their citizenship income revoked. The leader of Aska, during the interrogation of guarantee did not answer the questions, limiting himself only to rejecting the portrayal of him as “the Putin of the Val di Susa”. Meanwhile, the prosecutor intends to proceed against Askatasuna also for subversive association, a crime on which it is now up to the judicial authority to take a decision. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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