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Prisons: Sappe in the square in Cagliari, “we need more staff”

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Naples, Usb protest against the search of the Rome office (ANSA)

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, APRIL 06 – The Sappe Penitentiary Police Autonomous Syndicate has returned to the streets to demonstrate in Cagliari, in front of the former Buoncammino prison today the headquarters of the Dap, the “serious problems” of the personnel who work in the various Sardinian prisons.

“We are in the streets to denounce the absolute precarious situation that characterizes the prisons of Sardinia and those of the whole country, in which dozens and dozens of critical events occur every day in the absolute indifference of the regional and national leaders of the Penitentiary Administration and of the Ministry of Justice – the general secretary Donato Capece attacks – Think that in Sardinia there are three directors in effective service and there are 11 prisons. The penitentiary system, for adults and minors, is crumbling more and more every day. time, unheard – he presses – the internal security of prisons has been annihilated by wicked measures such as dynamic surveillance and the open regime, by having removed the sentries of the Penitentiary Police from the prison walls, by the lack of personnel, by the lack of funding for anti-intrusion and anti-climb-over services “.

Around two thousand people are currently detained in Sardinia. “The carnival is over: we ask the Penitentiary Administration to remove the mask – observes Luca Fais, regional secretary of Sappe for Sardinia – The prisons of Sardinia are highlighted once again for episodes of violence: unfortunately, many inmates who assign us have serious psychiatric problems, many others are dangerous and restricted in the High Security circuit and 41 bis, for very serious crimes including terrorism. In Sardinia there are no prison police officers, directors, commanders and civilian personnel. The Penitentiary Police does its utmost to guarantee what has been established by current legislation, but many times the units for a more active control are lacking: we are forced to suppress, every day in Sardinian prisons, numerous service posts because there is a lack of personnel and then this unacceptable violence occurs “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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