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Seizure of receivables for 9 million euros for frontal bonus fraud

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(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 07 APR – Loans for almost nine million euros deemed fictitious and relating to the so-called “bonus facades” have been seized by the financial police of Perugia.

The same measure was adopted for over 20 million euro of company shares. The yellow flames thus implemented a preventive measure issued by the investigating judge at the request of the Prosecutor of the Umbrian capital against four companies that would be involved in a fraud relating to the tax relief introduced by the Government.

The operation originates from the analysis activity conducted by the Organized Crime Investigation Group and aimed at identifying risk profiles related to the distorted use of the various incentive measures, in the form of tax credits that can be transferred to third parties and can be used in compensation for the settlement of tax debts or payables that can be monetized with banks and other financial intermediaries. In this context – it is explained in a note from the Public Prosecutor of Perugia -, the position of a company, operating in the business consultancy sector, with registered office, until the second half of 2020, in Spoleto and subsequently in Rome where it would be non-operational and with a single employee, residing in Perugia, until December 2021.

According to the investigators, the same, after complex concatenations of sales by companies, found to lack the slightest corporate structure and operations, and by natural persons, burdened by criminal records and with limited income, mostly residing in Campania, would have acquired the ownership of “artfully created” credits, in part, still present in their fiscal drawer and, in part, sold to financial intermediaries and, therefore, monetized (for just over one million euros). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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