He smeared the portals of the Cathedral and Baptistery of Parma, identified as the author

Mafia: less violence, but more infiltrations into the legal economy (ANSA)

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 08 APR – The person responsible for the serious act of vandalism against the portals of the Cathedral and the Baptistery of Parma, the four doors of the Abbey of San Giovanni, the two doors of the ancient Pharmacy of San Giovanni has been identified and an entrance to the seminary of the diocese of Parma. With the help of the images of the urban security video surveillance, the Local Police was able to reconstruct all the steps of the soiling, which also affected other parts of the historic center.

“The responsible person, who they already knew for other facts, will soon be found and arrested – comments the councilor for safety of the municipality of Parma Cristaino Casa -. What however regrets most is that this, like other crimes, could have been avoided. It would have been enough, as I have been saying for 10 years, that anyone who commits serious crimes against people or, as in this case, against heritage, could not be put in a position to continue walking around the streets of our cities. For this, however, they must intervene. the Government with adequate laws. The sooner it does it, the better it is for everyone “.

The perpetrator is said to be a foreign citizen of Bangladesh who has already been referred to the judicial authority for crimes of defacing, soiling and damage to assets of historical and artistic value, as well as receiving stolen goods. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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