Cannabis: museum arrives in Bologna, ‘producing too complicated’

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 08 APR – “Until the eighties in the homes of Italians there was a lot of hemp material, then the politicians believed that this was a drug, but for 700 years it was central to the country’s economy and given well-being to people “. Donato Farro, 68, is the custodian of the traveling museum of hemp, exhibited these days at the eighth edition of the ‘Indica Sativa Trade’ fair in Casalecchio di Reno, in the province of Bologna.

From today until April 10, the Unipol Arena hosts 200 brands in the industrial, therapeutic and food sectors linked to hemp. The main American, Dutch and Spanish seed banks are present, as well as the main Italian and international brands in the sector.

Bags, sheets, curtains are displayed on the Farro counter, but there are also trousers from 1840 and a waxed hemp umbrella that is more than 70 years old. Farro comes from Marcianise, in the province of Caserta, and has inherited his profession from his parents: he talks about it proudly while he touches and describes the fabrics. “It is a very resistant fiber that is still used for the ropes of ships all over the world – he emphasizes – then it is very versatile and can be mixed with linen, to make it more elegant, with wool to make it softer and with silk. , to make it become a splendor “. Behind him are exhibited the tools that were used for the agricultural cycle. I lagni, where raw hemp was soaked for eight days until it became white, then it was beaten with the ‘maciulla’, from which the ‘cannuvoli’ fell, useful for the production, among other things, of paper and matches .

“There are an infinite number of possible uses – concludes Farro – but politicians do not want to understand and they only create bogus laws so that, if you want to sow hemp, you often have to undergo fund checks that block production and create economic damage” . (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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