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Sixteen year old killed: defense asks for new psychiatric expertise

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Gup suspends the Regeni trial and arranges new research (ANSA)

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, APRIL 12 – The defense of the boy accused before the GUP of the Juvenile Court of Bologna in the murder of Chiara Gualzetti, 16 years old found dead on June 27 at the edge of a wood in Monteveglio, has asked for an abbreviated procedure conditional on a new psychiatric report. The lawyer of the victim’s family, Giovanni Annunziata, explained this at the end of the hearing. The trial, behind closed doors, has been postponed to May 3 when the judge Anna Filocamo will comment on this request.

During the investigation phase, the Prosecutor’s Office for minors had already arranged a psychiatric consultation which it had concluded because of the young man’s ability to understand and will, confessed.

When questioned, he reported that he had acted on the thrust of a higher force, a demon. Present, outside the classroom, Chiara’s parents and some of her friends. The defendant’s mother left the court covering her face and getting into a car, escorted by three men and together with the lawyer who defends her son, Tanja Fonzari. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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