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Tourists come back to crowd Florence, queues at museums and monuments

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Surprise ending - ANSA exclusive clip (ANSA)

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, APRIL 16 – Tourists come back to flock to Florence this weekend for the first ‘open’ Easter after two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, and even if the city is still not fully booked history seems to have returned to the pre-Covid ‘glories’. Long lines of visitors to enter the Duomo, Giotto’s bell tower, the Uffizi and in front of the other monuments and city museums. The Ponte Vecchio is crowded, as well as Piazza della Signoria, via Calzaioli and Piazza del Duomo. Queues also in front of the ‘temples’ of sandwiches and street food or ice cream parlors, and there are many tourists walking around holding an ice cream cone or a stuffed flatbread.

Others, on the other hand, preferred a stop at the restaurant. If the majority of visitors are Italians there is certainly no shortage of foreigners, Europeans and Americans. Even the Florentines have not disdained a tour of the historic center this weekend, and for tomorrow there is great expectation for the traditional Explosion of the cart.

The appointment in Piazza Duomo is once again with free access, without capacity limitations, as long as they are equipped with a mask.

Conspicuous return of tourists also in other parts of Tuscany, both as regards the cities and the coast. On social media, the president of the Region Eugenio Giani underlines that “the cities and beaches of Tuscany are crowded today, tourism has finally started” and recalls that “there are 550 thousand estimated overnight stays for Easter in the accommodation facilities” of the region. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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