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Unauthorized rave party in Siena, 1,500 participants

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(ANSA) – SIENA, APRIL 17 – Rave party underway in the territory of Murlo, in the Sienese area: the carabinieri, who are monitoring the situation together with the police, estimate that more than 1,500 participants in the gathering that would not be authorized, set up in a private area that once housed a shooting range, in Fontazzi, in a wooded area, not far from the Siena-Grosseto state road.

At the moment there are no particular inconveniences: the nearest village, Casciano di Murlo, is about 4 kilometers away. No repercussions also for the traffic on the Siena-Grosseto.

To discover what was happening last night, a patrol of the Carabinieri of Montalcino, to which the affected area belongs: the military became suspicious of the comings and goings of cars. However, it was not possible, it explains, to block the meeting as the participants had already almost all arrived. This morning then the start of the music. It is not clear how long the meeting will go on, it is assumed until tomorrow. The participants would be mostly Italians, coming from various regions. Until they leave the difficult area, proceed with their identification.

An unauthorized gathering with about 300 people was blocked a week ago in Poggi del Sasso, in the municipality of Cinigiano (Grosseto), on the slopes of the Amiata: in that case the police had managed to prevent the influx of numerous people and convinced the participants to leave the area. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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