Snow in Val d’Aveto, rain and wind in Genoa

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(ANSA) – GENOA, APRIL 24 – Snowfall in progress this morning in Val d’Aveto, in the province of Genoa. The wave of bad weather that hit Liguria last night also led to storms of even moderate intensity, accompanied by local hailstorms, mainly affecting the Levante center. For Arpal the maximum cumulative hourly rainfall, 22.6 millimeters, is recorded in Reppia (NĂ©, Genoa) where 5.2 millimeters fell in 5 minutes and a total cumulative cumulative in 12 hours (the maximum so far) of 56.4. Also in an hour 20 millimeters in Cavi di Lavagna (Genoa), 18.4 in La Macchia (Varese Ligure, La Spezia), 18.2 in Genoa Functional Center. Strong winds with gusts of gale or strong storm in particular on the reliefs: reached 135.5 km / ha in Casoni di Suvero (Zignago, La Spezia), 124.6 at Lake Giacopiane (Genoa), 113 at Fontana Fresca (Sori, Genoa).

Very busy night in Genoa for the fire brigade. Due to the strong disturbance that hit Genoa, the Brigade operated in different scenarios: falling trees, unsafe branches, flooding and two road accidents, one of which on the A10 in the airport area, where a truck overturned making it necessary to close the transit. In total, from midnight to eight in the morning, there were 26 rescue operations. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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