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Donna denounces Corona for blackmail with intimate video, under investigation

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(ANSA) – MILAN, APRIL 28 – New investigation opened by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office on Fabrizio Corona resulting from the complaint of a woman, who had turned to him last year for editorial and advertising services on a book that she wanted to publish and that she allegedly immediately, according to him, an alleged blackmail by the former ‘king of the paparazzi’ with an intimate video in the center that portrayed her and that he had made.

In recent days, according to what has been learned, the former photographic agent was the subject of a search by the carabinieri as part of the investigation, coordinated by the prosecutor Antonio Cristillo, for the alleged crime of attempted extortion and attempted fraud, after the denunciation of the woman, married and with children. “She wanted to publish a book and it was published – explained the lawyer of Corona, the lawyer Ivano Chiesa – and then, since she was not happy with the sales, she took it out on Fabrizio”. The defender said that there is already “an ongoing civil suit” between the two, in relation to the contract for the services of the agency of Corona to the woman. Also according to the defense, the former ‘VIP photographer’ had told her that “if he was forced to defend himself” in the civil proceedings “the personal relationship they had had would also come out”, including that video documenting the relationship.

According to the woman’s complaint, who had already paid money to the Corona agency for the ‘sponsorship’ of the book, he instead would have blackmailed her with that video at some point, fearing the possibility of spreading it. “Fabrizio gave the carabinieri the videos and chats between them – Chiesa said again – he has nothing to hide and there are witnesses”. (HANDLE).

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