Mussolini posters at the entrance to Casa Memoria e Storia in Rome

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(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 28 – Two posters with the effigy of Benito Mussolini have been posted at the entrance to the House of Memory and History, next to the Roman headquarters of the Anpi. To give the news is the same association of partisans that attributes the vandal act to the “Front Action Fascists”.

“Nazi-fascism is a crime and propagating its symbols, effigies and ‘ideas’ is a crime punishable by the laws in force – concludes the statement also signed by Aned ,. Anei, Anpc, Anppia, Fiap and Irsifar -. We rely on the authorities to act. criminally against Action Front and all other fascist organizations to ensure that they are prevented from harming the community again “.

Numerous other posters have been posted by the far-right movement in other areas not only in Rome but also in Fiumicino and Padua. “Anti-fascism – reads the manifesto – is the political guarantee intended to prevent the revolt of the Europeans against their masters. It’s raining flowers on Piazzale Loreto”. The photos of the action depict the signs posted on the war memorial of Torre Gaia, on the bulletin board of the sections of the Pd of Villaggio Breda and Tor Bella Monaca, but also on some shutters in Padua or Fiumicino.

“Rome does not accept neo-fascist regurgitations. The posting of posters praising fascism in front of the House of Memory and History is a vulgar provocation of those who try to bring Italy back 80 years”, affirms the Capitoline Councilor for Heritage and Housing Policies, Tobia Zevi.


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