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May 1st: poster dedicated to peace for CGIL

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Center-right, Salvini:

(ANSA) – PALERMO, APRIL 28 – Four children in the trenches, with a suffering and frightened gaze, against the backdrop of a blood-red sky and with a meadow of flowering gorse at their feet. The barbed wire behind which the children stand is broken on one side, indicating an escape route to freedom.

It is the image that the artist Gaetano Porcasi donated to CGIL Palermo and Flai to create a poster for May Day, which this year is dedicated to Work and Peace.

A tribute to Portella with the thoughts turned to the violated childhood, denied, to all the children who at this moment suffer in the world from the atrocities of war. “We thank the author for his sensitivity and for having contributed with his work of denunciation to draw attention to the most fragile victims of wars, which are children – declares CGIL Palermo secretary Mario Ridulfo – We asked Gaetano Porcasi, who many times with his artistic passion he has portrayed images related to Portella, the struggles of workers and the characters of the fight against the mafia, a poster dedicated to the anniversary of Portella della Ginestra. workers and entitled Peace, rights, work, has put at the center the conditions of fragility of minors, exploited children, children killed in war that we all cry and also the children who died 75 years ago in the Portella massacre “.

The author will be in Portella on Sunday for Labor Day and will sign the first 100 posters, which will be donated “as a sign of hope and freedom”.

“My thoughts go to all the children who have nothing to do with wars and who are dying under bombs, not only in Ukraine but in all places in the world where conflicts are ongoing”, says Porcasi (ANSA) .

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Source: Ansa

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