The ban is over after 37 years, the swings are back in Mantua

May 1st, unions in Assisi:

(ANSA) – MANTOVA, 01 MAY – A provision by the mayor Mattia Palazzi has recently returned to Mantuan children the right to swing in the parks and public gardens of the city of Viriglio. In fact, swings had been banned in Mantua for 37 years, from that 8 July 1985 when the then socialist mayor Gianni Usvardi, for safety reasons, had removed the most loved equipment by children.

It was the answer to a series of incidents that had involved the little ones in that period, arousing alarm among the parents. The municipal administration decided to ban swings by ordering the districts to remove those already installed. From that day on, for 37 years, public parks and gardens could only host merry-go-rounds and other types of games but not swings. After almost 40 years it was the turn of a Pd mayor to give back to the children the joy of swinging in the shade of the trees. In the municipal archives there is no trace of particular episodes that led Usvardi to take that measure. Just as now in the order of Palazzi it is not explained in detail why the swings are “released”. We can only read that “from 1985 to today the realization of equipment for play areas has evolved considerably and attention is increasingly paid to the creation of games for children”. Usvardi’s ordinance is outdated and, therefore, now in the “public parks – Palazzi ordered – it is possible to install swings”. At this point, a solemn promise arrives from the Municipality: “We will soon put swings in the playgrounds”, but also a warning to parents: “Always be careful and never leave your little ones alone in the park”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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