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Gdf investigation, ‘hundreds of laborers exploited in Maremma’

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(ANSA) – PIOMBINO (LIVORNO), 04 MAY – Three farms on the Etruscan Coast, in Maremma, between Livorno and Grosseto would employ hundreds of workers, Italian and foreign, in ‘black’, for an average of 15/16 hours per day with a pay of 2.5 euros per hour, with holidays that are hardly granted and unpaid, and with threats of dismissal and verbal assaults. These “oppressive working conditions, to which farm laborers were allegedly subjected”, emerged from an investigation by the Finance Police. Illicit intermediation and exploitation of labor are the crimes for which the 3 company managers, explains the Gdf in a note, have been deferred.

The investigation, conducted by the yellow flames of Piombino and coordinated by the Livorno prosecutor, began in July 2019.

The three entrepreneurs, the Gdf always explains, having received the guarantee notices, “immediately proceeded to pay the administrative penalties already contested by Gdf and Inps, paying approximately 5,800,000 euros into the Treasury coffers”: the suspects would have made responsible “for administrative violations in the field of labor referable to 854 employment relationships, with the application of 571 distinct maxi penalties for completely ‘illegal’ workers as well as a further 283 penalties for unfaithful registrations in the single labor book”.

The three business owners, in addition to employing the laborers without “contract or social security and insurance coverage”, also allegedly “forced several workers, mostly foreigners, to rent an illegal cottage on the same land as the farms, in conditions precarious sanitation “, without heating and connection to the water network and without drinking water, with the cost of the rent deducted from the pay. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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