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    “Stop by and live!” – Malyuska offers to buy a prison

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    On his Facebook page, the Minister of Justice advertised new privatization objects

    Denis Malyuska offers to buy a prison / Collage “Today”

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    Justice Minister Denis Malyuska advised potential investors to buy the prison while there are proposals.

    The minister posted his advertisement on his Facebook page.

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    They say that prices for classic housing have been steadily rising lately. Buying assets on the rise in prices is such a tactic. There is money – buy it better than a prison! We just handed over three more prisons to the State Property Fund for sale at an auction. We are expecting new auctions in the fall, so it is worth revising the objects and postponing the money right now.“, – wrote Denis Malyuska.

    At the same time, the minister assessed the goods, how suitable they are for habitation.

    What do they offer

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    For sale are:

    • Kovel colony (Kovel, Shevchenko str., 20) – the cost of UAH 41.6 million;
    • Ivano-Frankivsk penitentiary institution No. 12 (Trostyanets village) – starting price of UAH 7.8 million;
    • Mykolaiv correctional colony No. 50 (Lviv region, Mykolaiv district, Derzhev village) – starting price of UAH 17.1 million.

    Malyuska believes that in Kovel colony can be “to call in and live”, Ivano-Frankivsk prison can be turned into a golf club, and the Nikolaev colony is an “economy” option for the Spartans.

    The minister also recalled that the Odessa and Kotsyuby colonies are still being sold.

    Reform history

    Justice Minister Denis Malyuska has actively taken up prison reform.

    In July, he announced the rating of the best prisons in the country, where the leadership was given to the Kachanovskaya correctional colony No. 54 (Kharkiv region).

    In September, it was announced that new paid services – access to the Internet and calls – may soon appear in Ukrainian pre-trial detention centers.

    In 2020, the Ministry of Justice launched an experimental project – for money, it began to provide improved living conditions and food for prisoners. The first paid cells appeared in the Kiev detention center, then they were opened in Lvov and Chernigov.


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