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    Gigi Bici, used ogive similar to found

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    (ANSA) – PAVIA, MAY 06 – The bullet that killed Luigi Criscuolo, 60, known by everyone in Pavia as Gigi Bici, is similar to the ogive found by the police in the grounds of the villa of Barbara Pasetti, 40, the physiotherapist of the Calignano fraction of Cura Carpignano (Pavia), in prison since last January 20 and the only one currently under investigation for the crime. This is what emerges from the autopsy carried out on the victim. The news was given today by the newspaper “La Provincia Pavese”.

    The autopsy examination established that Gigi Bici was killed with a 7.65 caliber pistol shot at close range to the left temple, trajectory from the bottom up.

    An execution probably carried out on Criscuolo’s car, as confirmed by the traces of blood on the seats. The murder dates back to the same day the man disappeared, on the morning of Monday 8 November. The body was probably then grabbed by the arms and dragged to a hidden place, only to reappear on the afternoon of Monday 20 December near Barbara Pasetti’s home. The physiotherapist is accused of attempted extortion, but she is also being investigated for murder and body concealment.

    The appraisals in progress will now have to clarify whether the shot that killed Gigi Bici was fired by the gun found in an electrical control unit in Barbara Pasetti’s villa. The nose cone found in the garden would also be similar to the other unexploded bullets discovered in a plastic bag inside the house. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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