Frecce Tricolori: Decaro, ‘joy after pain, pandemic and war’

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(ANSA) – BARI, MAY 07 – “These were difficult years, in which the city came to terms with fear, pain, losses and renouncing its rites and traditions, starting with the celebrations for St. Nicholas . And just as we gradually freed ourselves from these fears and began to glimpse the hope of a newfound freedom and light-heartedness, we found ourselves having to deal with a new fear. That of war. A war that touches us all, that upsets us. and makes this occasion even more special. To St. Nicholas, a saint revered all over the world, capable of uniting peoples and religions, we entrust our message of hope and peace so that the fire and deaths may cease. So that the roar of the engines of aircraft that tomorrow will fly over our skies reminds in our minds only thoughts of joy and pride for the great Italian excellence that these pilots and their deeds represent “. The mayor of Bari said this when he welcomed the pilots of the aerobatic team of the Frecce tricolori, led by Colonel Stefano Vit, who will perform tomorrow in the sky of Bari on the occasion of the patronal feast. General Silvano Frigerio of the Third Air Region also took part in the meeting. “The city – said Decaro – was waiting for you with great enthusiasm and desire to return to a moment of celebration”. (HANDLE).

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