Green pass: Marche Region, no to stop teachers ‘beyond the law’

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(ANSA) – ANCONA, 07 MAY – For the school staff recovered from Covid19, the Marche Region writes to the Undersecretary for Education and the Regional School Office to “avoid ‘extra legem’ tightening”. According to the president Francesco Acquaroli and the councilor for education Giorgia Latini it is “unacceptable to suspend teachers by going beyond the national regulations in force”. The junta asks for clarification in particular on some notes of the Usr directed to the Coordination of Committees Healed of Covid-19 and referred to teachers and school staff.

The question, explained Acquaroli and Latini, “mainly concerns the management of school staff with a Green pass obtained after the recovery and the expiry of the terms of the vaccination obligation. According to the interpretation of the USR, which we contest, such staff will default in the past 90 days from the date of certification of positivity, in the event that he has not received any dose of the vaccine or in the event that he has contracted the infection within 14 days of the administration of a dose of the vaccine “. “In the case of personnel who have completed the primary vaccination cycle, – they continue – the non-compliance would take effect after 120 days. This interpretation is restrictive with respect to the national regulations in force and is not reflected in the legislative system that does not provide for such mandatory obligations, for example within 90 days.

In this way, measures are tightened far beyond the legal requirements. It should be remembered that teachers risk being suspended and assigned to another job. We are now used to this attitude but we cannot accept it “.


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