Alpini: 500 reports and 160 stories of harassment collected

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 12 MAY – On the days of the 93rd National Gathering of the Alpine troops in Rimini there are “over 160 stories of the facts of the harassment. Over 500 reports of harassment.

We do not consider it necessary that there are complaints to believe the truth of the harassment, we know that it has happened, much more than what has come to us. In this case, however, complaints can be an additional tool so that the harassment that is repeated at each meeting cannot be ignored as in the past. “This is what Non Una di Meno says, after yesterday’s meeting with the victims and lawyers.

The Rimini group has also prepared a kind of vademecum: in addition to providing legal support, it has also created a series of guidelines to help those who want to do it independently.

“We are collecting all the reports, videos and photos of these days – reads the post also signed by the ‘Casa Madiba’ social center – to evaluate the most appropriate legal procedure to be adopted collectively. We ask everyone to help us with the collection of these materials “by sending them to the association’s e-mail address. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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