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Emergency plane returned to Linate, the ‘bird strike’ cause

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 12 – An Ita plane with 83 people on board had to return in emergency to Linate airport due to an engine problem, which took off at 12:16 from the Milan airport and headed for Palermo. The plane returned without problems. In the meantime, however, landings and take-offs were blocked and resumed at 12:47 pm after the inspection of the runway. At least two flights were diverted to Malpensa.

From the first investigations, which are still in progress, the problem on one of the engines of Ita’s AZ1765 plane departed from Linate and headed for Palermo, returned to the Milanese airport in an emergency, would be due to the impact with a flock of birds, a situation called “bird strike” in technical jargon. There would be no fire but only smoke.

The firefighters and 118 who are carrying out the necessary inspections intervened on the spot with their vehicles.


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Source: Ansa

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