Tourism: in Liguria try summer, first baths

The situation in Mariupol is increasingly critical, there is no drinking water (ANSA)

(ANSA) – GENOA, MAY 14 – Summer test in Liguria, thanks to the temperature a few degrees above the seasonal averages. With the sun that made the thermometer mark over 20 degrees. There were many who allowed themselves the first hours of tanning and bathing. The beaches of all the towns along the rivieras have come to life again. But not only the beaches have attracted. The paths of the Cinque Terre park, for example, have been a destination for hikers and some have even finished enjoying the sea in this corner of Liguria, one of the most popular places in the world. People on the beach in Spezzino, in Levanto, Lerici, Portovenere. Even Tigullio saw the first bikinis on the shoreline. Here the second homes have opened again and we have experienced the contrast between some elderly owners still wearing a jacket and young people on the beach in swimsuits and in the water. Same situation in the Savona area, in Bergeggi, in Alassio, in Varigotti and in the Imperia area: in Sanremo, for example, in addition to the beaches, the shopping streets are animated. Crowds in Genoa at Boccadasse.

“There has been a good influx in bathing establishments and on beaches in general. There is a desire to be outdoors and by the sea after the limitations imposed due to the covid. Some establishments have decided to keep the distance anyway. Not there was a full house, but in May even in the pre-Covid we don’t make big numbers. But the season will be positive “, Enrico Schiappapietra, Ligurian president of the Balneari Syndicate (ANSA) told ANSA.

Source: Ansa

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