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Racist baby gang raid against migrant, video on social media

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Volleyball, Mazzanti:

(ANSA) – PIETRASANTA (LUCCA), MAY 17 – Kicks, punches and racial insults against a 29-year-old migrant from Gambia suffering from mental disability, attacked in a public park in Pietrasanta, in the province of Lucca. It is the accusation against six bullies, five of them minors, who were reported for injuries aggravated by abject motives and racial hatred. The six filmed the attack and then posted the video on social media to brag. In the video, the children can be heard calling the migrant ‘buba’ and several of them can be seen beating the 29-year-old, who screams several times at the blows received. Other guys turn to the thugs shouting ‘enough’ instead.

The six reported this morning were searched in the homes where they live with their parents. The clothes used during the attack, cell phones, a few grams of hashish and marijuana, a baseball bat, manuscripts praising violence and against the carabinieri were seized by the police.

They also used an umbrella to hit the 29-year-old after surrounding, mocking and provoking him. Among the accusations was also that of defamation in competition for having filmed the attack on video and sharing the images on social networks. A conduct, explain the carabinieri, that damages the reputation and human dignity of the victim of the attack. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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