Councilor Liguria to Google, check restaurant reviews

(ANSA) – GENOA, 18 MAY – Liguria Region wants to protect the image of the catering companies present in the Ligurian territory damaged by false profiles from which negative reviews would have started and for this reason it writes to Google Italy to verify the veracity of the reviews. The regional councilor for tourism Gianni Berrino writes this in a letter after becoming aware of the negative reviews against important and renowned restaurants in Liguria.

“I consider it a duty – says Berrino – to protect the image of important companies in a category that has suffered a lot due to Covid and which is damaged by actions that appear to be incorrect and fraudulent. Without prejudice to the full freedom to write opinions and reviews. that everyone wants, it seems to me that in this case we are dealing with a ‘false’ opinion and therefore an action with obscure purposes that I think it is in everyone’s interest to condemn “. The commissioner reiterates that “it is essential that Google remedies, verifying as much as possible the veracity of the reviews, in the interest of the individual businesses, but also for the general image of the Region, for which institutions and entrepreneurs are working”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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