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Adm recovers 2.6 million on fuel excise duties in Savona


(ANSA) – GENOA, MAY 19 – With a complex operation of monitoring and accounting control on the regularity of payments required by current legislation, the officials of the Customs and Monopoly Agency of Savona have put some petrol station owners and other operators in default of the fuel trading sector, recovering 2.6 million euros. This is the latest result achieved by the Office which is also involved in combating administrative irregularities affecting the release for consumption of diesel and petrol.

This activity is in addition to the assessment of over 500,000 euros, the recovery of the excise duty on gas and electricity, the tax on sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions and the application of administrative fines for over 700,000 euros.

ADM checks the regularity of excise duty payments, as required by law, verifying and monitoring, among other things, the activation of more precise systems for measuring the quantities of fuels that are released for consumption, explains a note.

The activity guarantees equal treatment between commercial operators and above all minimizes the risk of fraud to the detriment of citizens.

The controls carried out on the entire sector intensified following the restrictive measures, provided for by the EU Regulations, which affected the movements of energy products from Russia, in relation to the current situation of destabilization in Ukraine. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa