Congress of “Servants of the People” in Truskavets: Shmygal announced a “combat regime” for 2-3 years

Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said that Ukraine will soon receive an “energy visa-free”

Prime Minister Denis Shmygal spoke in Truskavets / Collage “Today”

The Verkhovna Rada can process about 350 draft laws and legislative initiatives per year. For the next 2-3 years, the government will move the reforms in fact in a “combat mode”.

This was stated by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal, speaking at the opening of the “Big faction” of the political party “Servant of the People” in one of the hotels in Truskavets.

Energy visa-free

Never before has an independent Ukraine had such a synchronized command of power, which it has now. Key reforms that we are working on together: digitalization, reform of the administrative-territorial structure, land market, energy market, gas market, support for socially vulnerable segments of the population, housing program, creation of barrier-free space, support for small and medium-sized businesses, deregulation, reform of fiscal authorities“, – said the prime minister.

Denis Shmygal also noted that within the framework of the energy market reform, we have ahead of us joining the European network. “This is one of our five European visa-free travel. And this is real independence when we become energy independent from the electricity and gas of our neighbors.“.

Also, the head of government was pleased that the possibility of continuing the mortgage program for providing housing is being considered. But not at 7%, but already at 5% and for all categories of citizens.

Truskavets-2 for “servants of the people”

  • The congress of “servants of the people” in Truskavets will take place on October 1-2, and the deputies will be accommodated in the luxurious Rixos Prykarpattya hotel, as well as the Mirotel and Lesnaya Pisnya hotels. The political force dubbed the event as the “big faction”, and President Volodymyr Zelensky will also be present there. The minimum price for daily rent of a room in Rixos starts at UAH 2840 per day, and the maximum price is UAH 8,800. There are also premium rooms – 19,000 each, but it is not yet known whether “servants” will live in them.
  • The deputies are going to take stock of their two-year work in the Rada, as well as discuss plans for the future. For example, the “servants” are preparing a new turbo mode in the parliament, since they believe that there is not much time left.
  • From the more pleasant – the “servants” are waiting for a gala dinner at which “party Oscars” will be handed out, and the head of the faction, David Arahamia, will play a branded Dj-set for his colleagues.
  • It also became known that the head of parliament Dmitry Razumkov will not be in Truskavets – he was not invited there because he is not a member of the faction. The speaker himself says, they say, they did not want to see him there, because he could disrupt the plans for his resignation.


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