Storm breaks in the north, thunderstorms and hailstorms are coming

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 23 – Storm break arriving in the North, where the hegemony of the anticyclone ‘Hannibal’ is about to end, at least temporarily. The sun and atmospheric stability are in fact about to give way, in the north, to thunderstorms, often accompanied by hailstorms, and to a drop in temperatures, while in Centrosud it will still be sunny and warm. The first signs of this worsening, explains Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site, will already occur in the next few hours when the first thunderstorms develop over the Alpine sectors, but the climax will be between tomorrow and Wednesday 25. From tomorrow, in particular, thunderstorms from the Alps and Prealps will descend to the plains of Piedmont and Lombardy with local hailstorms and sudden gusts of wind. On Wednesday the bad weather will also affect the rest of the North, at the same time the vortex will begin to descend towards Sardinia where the weather will worsen starting from Thursday 26. In these days the fresh air coming down from Northern Europe, where it is active ( between the United Kingdom and the North Sea) a depression center, will be able to form a modest cyclonic vortex that will begin to create havoc in the northern regions. “The anticyclone Hannibal – explains Sanò – will be able to do nothing against the insistence of the disturbed flow and will only be able to retreat a few hundred kilometers, just enough to leave Northern Italy defenseless”.

In the rest of Italy, however, space for the sun and heat with temperatures that between Monday and Tuesday will reach peaks of 36-37 ° C in the inland areas of Sardinia and Sicily, and 34-35 ° C widespread on Puglia, the Ionian coasts of Lucania. and in Calabria.

In detail: Monday 23. In the north: it gets worse in the Alps with some thunderstorms. In the center: sun and summer heat. South: sunny and warm.

Tuesday 24. In the north: thunderstorms with hail on the Alps, Prealps and plains of Piedmont and Lombardy. Center: dry, but with partly cloudy skies. In the south: sun and heat.

Wednesday 25. In the north: markedly unstable with scattered thunderstorms, temperature drop. In the center: clouds rising everywhere, rainfall in Sardinia. South: sunny.

Trend. it gets worse in Sardinia, upper Tuscany, it gets better in the North.


Source: Ansa

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