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Ukraine: from Mariupol hell to ‘adoption’ in school in Milan

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 25 – Oryna, Sofiia, Kateryna, Mladenova, Lev, Olha: these are some of the names of the eight Ukrainian girls and boys, aged 14 to 17, six girls and two boys, who escaped the hell of war in Mariupol, in the Donbass and in Kiev. Who has lost a parent, who has a father who was enlisted to defend the nation after the invasion of Russia, who by remaining in Ukraine would have risked death under the bombing. Now they are safe: they have been ‘adopted’ by the Freud school of Milan through the Sant’Ambrogio Foundation, a non-profit organization of the third sector.

Of course, adolescents could no longer study and were no longer able to lead the normal life of every young person who looks to a future full of hopes, dreams, opportunities. To give them a concrete path again was the high school that will take care of their support and training completely and free of charge. All have been enrolled in the Tourist Institute and a precise and structured path has been planned – which has already begun in these days – to allow them to be integrated into our reality. The stages, in summary, are the welcome, psychological support, literacy of the Italian language thanks to Russian teachers, the improvement of the study of English for those who already have a knowledge of the language and for all following regular teaching. .

“We could not remain indifferent to the huge tragedy caused by the invasion of Russia – explains Daniele Nappo, director of Freud who coordinated the ‘Adoption Project’ -.

We welcomed these frightened, bewildered young people forced into an unwanted exodus. It is not right that they should suffer and that their future be compromised. And it is for this reason that they will be able to go all the way through high school in the hope that their future is better than the present. They are innocent children like everyone else, they do not deserve pain and to be abandoned “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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