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    Holy Churches and fasting at Chervni-2022: a detailed Orthodox calendar

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    Find out if Chervni-2022 will have Ascension, Trinity, Trinity memorial Saturday, Petriv Pist, other church holy and significant dates.


    Church holidays in June: Orthodox calendar / Photo: Depositphotos, Collage: Today

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    What is church holy today?
    On what days is the Holy Ascension of the Lord and the Trinity? When will Trinity Week come and on those days you need to remember your dead relatives? On what day will rich-day Petriv Pist bud? For more information, see the reporting church calendar for early 2022.

    Orthodox church holy at the red 2022: calendar

    1 worm
    – Hieromartyrs Patricius, Bishop of Prussia, and with him three presbyters: Akakiy, Menander and Polien, Martyr Kaluf the Egyptian, St. John, Bishop of Gotha.

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    2 worms
    – Ascension of the Lord. Martyrs Thalalea, Oleksander and Asterius, Martyr of Ascalon. Discovery of the relics of St. Oleksiy, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia, miracle worker.

    3 worms
    – Rivnoapostolі tsar Constantine and mother yogo tsaritsa Elena, noble prince Konstantin and children yogo Michael and Theodore, miracle workers of Murom.

    4 worms
    – Commemoration of the II Ecumenical Council. Martyr Basilisk, Martyr John Volodymyr, Prince of Serbia.

    5 worms
    – 7th week after Easter, Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council. Rev. Michael, Companion, Bishop of Sinad, Rev. Martyr Michael, Chornoriz, Rev. Euphrosyne, Abbot of Polotsk. Discovery of the relics of St. Leonty, Bishop of Rostov.

    6 worms
    – 7th day after Easter. Venerable Simeon the steward on the Divniy Mountain, the martyrs Meletius Stratilates, Stefan, John, Serapion, the Egyptian, Kalinik, the sorcerer, Theodore and Faustus and with them 1218 warriors with squads and children.

    7 worms
    – The third discovery of the head of the Forerunner and Baptist of the Lord John. Hieromartyr Ferapont, Bishop of Cyprus, Saint Innokenty, Archbishop of Kherson.

    8 worms
    – the apostles of the 70s Karp and Alpheus, the martyrs Averky and Elena, the Monk John the Psychaist, the companion, the martyr George the New.

    9 worms
    – Hieromartyr Ferapont, Bishop of Sardis, Martyrs Theodori, Divi, and Didyma, warrior. Transfer of the relics of the saints of Kiev: Cyprian, Photius and Ioni. Righteous John Russky, companion.

    10 worms
    – The Monk Mikiti, Companion, Bishop of Chalcedon, Hieromartyr Eutykhius, Bishop of Melitinsky, Martyr Elikonidi, Hieromartyr Elladius, Bishop. Martyrs, who in the valley of Fereydan (Iran) suffered from Persians (transition is holy on the day of the Ascension of the Lord). Nicene Icon of the Mother of God.

    11 worms
    – Trinity memorial Saturday. Let us remember all the rest of the Orthodox Christians – our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Commemoration of the First Ecumenical Council. Martyrs Theodosius, the Virgin of Tirskaya, the Monk Martyr Theodosius, the Divine, St. Luke, Archbishop of Simferopol, Companion. Icon of the Mother of God, titled “Guarantee of sinners” and “Nevtomne Oko”.

    12 worms
    – 8th week after Easter. Holy Trinity Day, Pentecost. Reverend Isaac, companion, hegumen of the Dalmatian monastery.

    13 worms
    – 1st day after Pentecost. Zagalnitsa. Day of the Holy Spirit. Apostle from the 70s Yerma, martyr Yermiya. Martyr Philosopher.

    14 worms
    – Martyrs of Justin the Philosopher and the other Justin, and with them Khariton, Charity, Evelpist, Iєraks, Peon and Valerian, the Monk Agapit of Kiev-Pechersk, a healer without a fee, in the Near Caves, the Monk Justin (Popovich), Cheliysky.

    15 worms
    – St. Nicephorus, Companion, Patriarch of Constantinople, Great Martyr John the New, Suchavsky, Hieromartyr Pophin, Bishop of Lyon, and quietly, who suffered for him, Martyr Blandini and Martyr Pontik of Lyons. Kiev-Brotherly Icon of the Mother of God.

    16 worms
    – Martyrs Lukilian, Claudius, Ipatius, Paul, Dionysius and Paul, Devi, Hieromartyr Lukian, Bishop, Maxian, Presbyter, Julian, Deacon, Markelian and Saturninus in Belgium, Rev. Dodo of David of Gareji.

    17 worms
    – Saint Mitrofan, Patriarch of Constantinople, Martyrs Frontasius, Severin, Severian and Silan, Martyr Concordius, Hieromartyr Astius, Bishop of Dyrrhachia, Saint Zosimi, Bishop of Babylon of Egypt, Saint David of Gareji.

    18 worms
    – Holy Pentecost. Transfer of the relics of Blessed Igor, Grand Duke of Chernigiv and Kiev. Hieromartyr Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyre, Blessed Constantine, Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia, Martyrs Markian, Nikander, Perechia, Apollo, Leonidas, Aria, Gorgias, Selinia, Irinia and Pambo, Saint Theodore, the Wonderworker, Saint Anuvius, Saint Anuvius from the monastery of Abbi Serida. Igorivsk Icon of the Mother of God.

    19 worms
    – 1st week after Pentecost. All saints. Venerable Bessarion, Wonderworker of Egypt, Venerable Ilarion the New, Venerable Martyr Archelaus, Thekli and Susanna. Speak on Petriv pist. Icon of the Mother of God “Remembrance of evil hearts” (Semistrіlna) and “Indestructible Wall”.

    20 worms
    – 2nd day after Pentecost. Martyr Theodotos of Ankirsky, Hieromartyr Markelian, Pope of Rome, and Martyrs Claudius, Kirin and Antonin, Hieromartyr Markel, Pope of Rome, Martyrs of Sisinius and Cyriacus, deacons, Smaragda, Largia, Aproniana, Saturnina, Papius and Maurus, warriors, and martyr Kriskentian , Lukini and Artemії, princesses, martyr Kalerії (Valerії), Kyriakії and Mary in Caesarea Palestine. The beginning of Peter’s post.

    21 worms
    – The Great Martyr Theodore Stratilates, Saint Ephraim, Patriarch of Antioch, Saint Zosimi of Phoenicia, Saint Theodore, Bishop of Suzdal.

    22 worms
    – St. Cyril, Archbishop of Oleksandriya, Martyrs Thekli, Martha and Mary in Persia.

    23 worms
    – Hieromartyr Timothy, Bishop of Prus’k, St. John, Metropolitan of Tobolsk, St. Siluan, Schematic of Kiev-Caves, in the Far Caves, Martyrs Oleksandr, Anthony, Devi, St. Theophan of Antioch, St. Bassian, Bishop of Lavdia.

    24 worms
    – Apostles Bartholomew and Barnavi. Icon of the Mother of God “Worthy of it” (“Miluyucha”). Icon of the Mother of God “The guarantor of sinners”.

    25 worms
    – the Monk Onuphrius the Great, the Monk Peter of Athos, the Monk John, Andriy, Iraclemon and Theophilus.

    26 worms
    – Martyrs Aquilinia, Saint Trifilia, Bishop Leukusia of Cyprus, Martyr Antonina, Saint Annie and the son of Johann.

    27 worms
    – Prophet Elisha, Saint Methodius, Patriarch of Constantinople, noble prince Mstislav, at the holy christening George, Horobry, Novgorod, Reverend Elisha Sumy.

    28 worms
    – Пророка Амоса, святителя Михаїла, першого митрополита Київського і всієї Руси, мучеників Віта, Модеста і Крискентії, годувальниці, мученика Дули Килікійського, преподобного Дули, страстотерпця, Єгипетського, блаженного Ієронима Стридонського, блаженного Августина, єпископа Іпонійського, благовірного князя Лазаря Сербського, святителя Ephraim, Patriarch of Serbia. Transfer of the relics of St. Theodore Sykeot, Bishop of Anastasiupol.

    29 worms
    – St. Tikhon, Bishop of Amaphus, Hieromartyr Tigriy, Presbyter, and Martyr Eutropius, reading.

    30 worms
    – Martyrs Manuel, Savel and Ismail.

    Summer weeks at Chernivtsi 2022

    from 13 to 19 worms
    – Trivatime Trinity Week, if there is no fasting.

    Post at red 2022 rock

    Chervni will have one-day and rich-day fasting.

    After the end of the Trinity week, the rich-day Petriv Pist will begin, which in 2022 will be 21 days – from 20 worms to 11 limes

    1, 3, 8, 10 worms
    – one-day posts. In the next day, the next day, the vzhivannya eggs, meat and dairy products are eliminated.

    Days of special commemoration of the dead at Chernivtsi 2022

    11 worms
    – Trinity Batkiv Saturday. Remembrance of the dead.

    We told you earlier if Ivan Kupala is holy in 2022. Also, the calendar of holidays and holy days of Chernivt-2022 in Ukraine was published.


    Source: Segodnya

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