Piazza Loggia: Brescia remembers the massacre 48 years ago

(ANSA) – BRESCIA, MAY 28 – With the tolling of the bells, eight as the victims of May 28, 1974, the commemoration for the Piazza Loggia massacre in Brescia began. This is the 48th anniversary that comes on the eve of two new judicial appointments. In fact, on July 8, Maurizio Tramonte, definitively sentenced to life imprisonment, will return to the courtroom before the Brescia Court of Appeal for the review hearing of the trial, while by the summer the Brescia prosecutor will ask for the indictment of Marco Toffaloni, 65 and residing in Switzerland, and Roberto Zorzi, 68, who lives in the United States. They are the two under investigation as part of the new investigation into the alleged material perpetrators of the Piazza Loggia massacre.

“The historical truth has now been established, but there are three ongoing proceedings on the massacre” confirmed the president of the Brescia Court of Appeal Claudio Castelli. “Even after 48 years, too many, we will arrive at trials and judicial solutions with respect to Piazza della Loggia. However, this is an element of strength of democracy, not of weakness, because it means that even in the face of heinous and very serious crimes such as these are observed the procedural rules. Italy’s greatest strength has been to try the perpetrators of the worst massacres and crimes without special courts. This is a strength, it is not a weakness “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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