Hiker found dead on a via ferrata in Courmayeur

(ANSA) – AOSTA, MAY 28 – A 43-year-old French hiker was found dead this morning at the base of the via ferrata that leads to the Monzino refuge, in the Mont Blanc massif.

The body was spotted by two other hikers who were about to tackle the same climb. It is possible that the death dates back to a few days ago but at the moment no eyewitnesses have emerged.

One of the main hypotheses of the rescuers is that the man fell from above while facing the via ferrata. He was found without adequate equipment for the climb, which suggests that he was not climbing safely.

The Valle d’Aosta Alpine Rescue and the Entrèves Guardia di Finanza Alpine Rescue intervened by helicopter, which are entrusted with the operations of the judicial police. The body is in the mortuary of Courmayeur awaiting the visit of the coroner and official recognition by the family. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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