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New moon May 30, 2022: what not to do on this day

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Today’s new moon is impulsive and unpredictable in decision making.

New Moon May 30, 2022: what is interesting and what not to do / Photo: Unsplash

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Today, May 30, will be the last spring new moon in 2022. What is remarkable about this day, what features and dangers it contains, what you can do, and what is better not to do in this phase of the moon in order to avoid trouble, find out in our article.

Features of the New Moon May 30

So the new moon will pass May 30, at 14:31
Kyiv time at the junction of the 30th and 1st lunar days, under the sign of the zodiac Gemini.

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New moon
– this is the phase of the moon, when it is located between the Earth and the Sun almost on the same straight line with them. During the new moon, the Earth’s satellite is not visible in the sky.

According to astrologers, the period of the new moon is important in people’s lives, because at this time the setting goals and objectives for the future
. And this is also a favorable period for accumulating strength for new achievements and important things.

Useful in the new moon phase express your desires and aspirations
, visualize, write, draw, voice what you want and dream about. And if this desire is universal and collective, its strength increases many times over.

new moon coming in Gemini
, can seriously affect the life, behavior and well-being of people. Gemini is able to make people more active, active, mobile and cheerful. This light, airy, talkative sign of the zodiac promotes communication, acquaintances and helps to easily find a common language with others.

During the days of Gemini, it is favorable to communicate with acquaintances and strangers, as well as make short trips and movements, not for the sake of any final goals, but simply to satisfy the need for saturation with impressions. Best of the classes
those that do not require special concentration of attention and large time costs.

What not to do during the new moon on May 30

  • Important Decisions
    in the field of business and career growth, it is better to postpone it for another time, because, succumbing to a fleeting impulse, people risk making mistakes that they will later regret.
  • If the transfer fails, do not delay their decision
    long thoughts – it is exhausting and tiring, and impulsiveness will bring more benefits.
  • No need to grab onto several things at the same time
    – you will not be able to bring them to the end, and they will go on the back burner until the right mood sets in.
  • You should free yourself for this period from heavy physical exertion
  • On the day of the new moon is better refrain from any undertakings
    . This is the time of plans, making wishes, preparation and accumulation of strength. But the implementation of the plan can be started after a couple of days.
  • Also, on the new moon, you should not be discouraged, to quarrel, to wish someone harm
    because all the negativity coming from you can come back to you.

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Source: Segodnya

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