Monday 30 school strike, high adhesion expected

Erdogan to Zelensky and Putin:

It is a national school strike today May 30th. Cgil, Cisl, Uil, Snals, Gilda and Anief take to the streets. The arrival of a hundred buses from all over Italy to Rome, where in piazza Santi Apostoli an event will be held starting at 10. Organizers expect high participation in the protest.

“The strike will have a high level of support because the reasons for the protest are motivated: the government chooses to build a training for a few, financed by cutting the staff. In addition, the precarious are humiliated with a new recruitment system and denied them the ‘ An intervention to be rejected, which I do not even call the reform. The Pact for the school is betrayed. The contract then expired for three years and we expect a serious investment for the renewal of the contract: the resources allocated are not enough even given the ‘commitment of the whole school in the years of the pandemic. We highlight the inadequacy of the government with respect to the needs of the school “, says Francesco Sinopoli who leads the Flc Cgil.

The NPC union of principals opposed the strike. “The refrain is the usual: stabilize the precarious, without considering at all the right of pupils to have better teachers, more prepared, more up-to-date”, observes Cristina Costarelli of Anp Lazio.

“And obviously we want the distribution of money for everyone. We don’t want to hear about merit and differentiation. More money for everyone has a populist flavor without using the increases to restore efficiency and reward”, echoes Mario Rusconi of Anp Rome.

But Pino Turi of Uil speaks of a different scenario. “We are registering the desire to demonstrate of a category that has been sacrificed and mortified too many times. In many realities, protests are being organized. The square in Rome will only be the megaphone of a mobilization that the unions have jointly organized and that the workers are animating and making their own. If the news that reaches us is confirmed, they will be the protagonists “.

Source: Ansa

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