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Plundered Sardinian beaches: 250kg of sand return to Is Arutas

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(ANSA) – CABRAS, 30 MAY – Two hundred and fifty kilos of quartz grains, seized in Sardinian airports – arrived thanks to the collaboration with the Sardinia stolen and plundered association, which every year is committed to safeguarding – have been able to return to Is Arutas, on the coast of Cabras, in the Oristano area. An increase compared to that of last year, when 200 kilos of sand were recovered, but less than six quintals in 2020.

Part of the sand returned also comes from the rooms of local accommodation facilities. On one bottle you can also read the dedication: “I remember a super holiday …”. Also present are the grains returned by repentant tourists who have sent them back to Sardinia.

The issue of conservation and respect for the coasts has also been dealt with several times by international newspapers such as The Guardian but, although the phenomenon of sampling starting from 2017 in Sardinia constitutes a crime, the problem cannot be considered solved.

“Associating the restoration of the territory with ecological days perfectly reflects the concept of safeguarding the natural marine environments that we want to pursue and disseminate – says the mayor of Cabras Andrea Abis -. 2022 is the year of the tourist restart, this will be the season that we it will allow us to test how much travelers and locals have understood the importance of preserving a natural asset as precious as quartz sand “.

“Unfortunately, the phenomenon of theft of sand, stones and shells appears constant – says Franco Murru, president of stolen and pillaged Sardinia -. Our association has been trying for many years to discourage it by addressing the heterogeneous audience of social media, and consequently to the bodies of traditional information, but evidently in the future it will be necessary to intercept in a more widespread way the potential perpetrators of these crimes, for example involving schools and promoting specific environmental education courses “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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