Halloween party in Milan university, 3 sentences and 4 acquitted

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 31 – Three 8-month sentences, for only one of the three disputed charges and with the recognition of general extenuating circumstances, and four acquittals. Thus ended in the first instance, in front of the judge of the eighth criminal section, Alberto Nosenzo, the Milanese trial against seven young people who were accused for having organized, on 31 October three years ago, in a hall in front of the Great Hall of the State University of Milan a Halloween party. And with a lot, wrote the Prosecutor’s Office, of “disco”, also selling “alcoholic and super alcoholic drinks” and asking three euros for each entry.

In particular, three young people were sentenced (suspended sentence) for the crime of invasion of a building, while they were acquitted of the other charges of defacing and soiling and of “illegal opening of places of public entertainment” with the formulas “for not having committed the fact “and” because the fact does not exist “. The others, always defended by the lawyers Mirko Mazzali and Guido Guella, were acquitted of all charges, while the prosecutor asked for all 7 sentences of 1 year. The Milanese university, which appeared as a civil party, had asked for damages of 50,000 euros and the judge ordered that the three convicted must pay approximately 6,000 700 euros to the university.

In the charges against the seven young people, among other things, it was also contested that they had occupied the Statale to show that evening of 2019 “three different artists, disk jockeys and bands” with music “of the trash / techno genre”.


Source: Ansa

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