He steals from the cash desk then stabs a bar customer because he ‘spies’

(ANSA) – PISA, MAY 31 – He stole banknotes from the cash desk of a bar, but another customer sees him, warns the owner and the thief with a kitchen knife ‘punishes’ him with more blows, accusing him of having spied on the robbed . It happened in Pisa. In prison a 37-year-old man from Cascina, arrested by the police for attempted murder, aggravated theft and violation of the law on weapons. The episode happened in the center, near the Leaning Tower. The intervention of the injured customer, a 26-year-old, allowed the bartender to prevent the theft. The thief, having seen himself discovered, first threw himself at the 26-year-old with his bare hands, then, according to reports from the police headquarters, he used “a large kitchen knife with a blade of 23 centimeters, just taken from his car parked near the shop. and with which he once again lashed out at the client, guilty of having ‘spied on’, slashing at the height of the face, managing to wound him in the hand and shoulder blade “.

In the emergency room of the hospital in Pisa the doctors confirmed the defensive wounds of the 26-year-old young man and the danger of the attack since the blows inflicted on him, according to the doctors, are potentially lethal, they had been aimed at vital parts. After the attack, the thief tried to escape but shortly after he was tracked down by the police who blocked him and despite resisting he was arrested. In his car, officers also found and confiscated the knife used to strike the 26-year-old. The 37-year-old has numerous complaints against property crimes. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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