Unicef: Rossi-Doria, with Lost in Education innovative experiences

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 31 – “‘Lost in education’ is a precious opportunity for children and young people who live in a condition of poverty that is not only economic but also ‘multi-layered’ and who need dedicated and competent attention in a time in which unfortunately the social elevator has stopped and there are, in Italy, about 1.2 million children living in absolute poverty and over another 2 million in relative poverty. At the same time it is an innovative educational site which, together with the others supported by Con i Bambini, it represents a way to build a fairer country for too many of our children precociously excluded from rights and opportunities and for their families “. This was stated by the president of Con i Bambini, Marco Rossi-Doria, at the final conference of the ‘Lost in education’ project created by Unicef.

“Lost in education – he recalled – is one of the over 400 projects supported thanks to the Fund for the contrast of juvenile educational poverty which helps to network the experiences of educational redemption built between the third sector, schools, public and private bodies, strengthening the educating communities’ of territories, unfortunately on the increase, where there is precocious multi-factorial exclusion. The project activates innovative experiences we work on to concretely show the way for new public policies aimed at making the rights of children and young people effective. concluded Rossi-Doria – it is part of the large construction site set up in Italy thanks to the Fund: over 335.4 million euros involving half a million children and young people together with their families.

An important tool that has networked over 7,150 organizations since 2016 “. (ANSA).

Source: Ansa

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