Gdf Como discovers 17 illegal workers

(ANSA) – MILAN, 01 JUN – Seventeen workers employed “illegally” and two irregularly employed were discovered by the Gdf of Como in various checks, from which it is clear, among other things, that 13 of the 19 identified are Italian nationality in spite of the usual prevalence of these irregularities against foreigners.

In particular, as reported by the Provincial Command of Como, the financiers of the Company of Olgiate Comasco (Como) have discovered, in three pizzerias, one in the municipality of Villa Guardia (Como) and two in the municipality of Olgiate Comasco (Como), two Italians, two Pakistanis, an Egyptian and an Albanian to work without a contract. In a bar in Appiano Gentile (Como), they found two other Italian workers and one Romanian and finally, in an ice cream parlor also in Villa Guardia (Como), another worker, also Italian, was discovered.

The financiers of the Compagnia di Erba discovered, in a pizzeria, in a restaurant and in a bar in the municipalities of Cabiate, Mariano Comense and Cantù, all in the province of Como, 4 illegal workers (three Italians and one Venezuelan) in addition to two irregular workers of Italian nationality. Another illegal worker was discovered intent on working for him in a hairdressing salon in the municipality of Erba (Como).

At the same time, the financiers of the Como Group, accessing a restaurant in Como, discovered another black worker of Italian nationality while, in a bar, also located in Como, 2 other Italian workers in “black” were found.


Source: Ansa

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