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Headmaster ‘checks’ the clothes of the students, 300 on strike in Vicenza

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Aggression with machetes, Lo Russo:

(ANSA) – VICENZA, 03 JUN – Over 300 students this morning decided to join the strike called at the “Fogazzaro” high school in Vicenza against statements deemed “sexist, fat-phobic and paternalistic” made by the manager against some students.

From 9.00 onwards the boys, with a high percentage also of men, gathered outside the school, located in the ‘Burci’ district in the historic center of the city. According to what was reported by the organizers, representatives of other institutes in the Berico capital also participated in the strike, which will continue until late morning, including those of the Pigafetta high school and the Quadri high school.

During the protest some banners were displayed, one of which said: “Let’s strike for your good taste”.

Outside the school there were a series of interventions by student representatives, in which the intention not to accept bans related to clothing was reaffirmed.

Some students had told of how the principal had forced them to stand up to check their clothing, and then sanction, through disciplinary notes, those who believed dressed in inappropriate clothing for the context. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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