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    Ukraine: Segre, humanity is indifferent to the tragedy of others

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    Modena, threatens to suffocate: woman saved by the Police (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – TURIN, 03 JUN – “Humanity in the face of the tragedy descended from above, which does not concern it, becomes indifferent, turns away, whether it is an extermination camp for Jews or if it is a Ukrainian city razed to the ground.

    And so it happens that the witnesses of those horrors, I think of Primo Levi, Edith Bruck, the Italian soldiers veterans or myself, think they are not even believed. People don’t want to see horror in the face, that’s why at some point in my life I realized I had to tell. Senator Liliana Segre said it, linked in streaming to a meeting at the Turin Economy Festival, in a dialogue with Gad Lerner, ‘Memory makes you free’.

    Regarding the theme of the festival, the economy declined in all its human nuances, Segre recalled the “industrialization of work in the concentration camps”. “At the age of 13, in Auschwitz – he recalled – I was very lucky, because at the selection of the hierarchs I ended up among 31 women chosen from among 600 deportees to be kept alive to be put to work for the Union, a factory that produced bullets. heavy bullets still to be processed and since then I have a bad back “.

    He then spoke of the difficulty of talking to children about those moments, of those details, “it is certainly easier to talk about them with strangers”, and at the same time of the inevitability of witnessing and recounting the horror and its injustices, as in the case of immigration and deaths at sea: “Even in that case the mechanism is indifference to what seems far away. But how can you say nothing, not talk about it? They are people who leave home and affections and risk their lives. Those who don’t think about it are lucky “. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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